jordan 1,air jordan 4,air jordan 5,air jordan 6 and air jordan 7.The core series products is, athlete with the perfect combination of technology - basketball history the most dazzling star Michael Jordan, as well as star experience brilliant career in basketball shoes, underlining his pursuit of function, innovation and achievement.Trapeze (Air Jordan) is the most famous NBA star Michael Jordan flag (Michael Jordan) named Nike series. In 1985, Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) to be paid the contract at the time as small manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturers Nike (Nike) signed a contract to under, Nike (Nike) more immediately for the Jordan launched the first name to Jordan shoes, namely the trapeze (Air Jordan) series of the first paragraph.AIR JORDAN outsole uses solid traction force and excellent flexibility.

air jordan nike

Jordan Brand's Tom Luedecke explained: "it's zonal engineering to match the footprint. We are looking for a footprints found shoes wear initially took place, the amount of traction mode". Jordan Brand developed proprietary knitting technology and standard of carbon fiber and it doesn't make any difference, but its size and shape are different. It provides the right amount of rigid, while still allowing the foot naturally bend. The shoe is very wear-resisting, and wear on the foot is very comfortable. Suitable for running wear.In addition to the "rope" ankle this latest concept of science and technology, AIR JORDAN XX also try every way to show Michael Jordan and the brilliant AIR JORDAN Series in the past using LASER laser engraving technology. As long as careful observation is not difficult to find, in the AIR JORDAN XX vamp the magic band, carved with greatly small, every kind of different shapes, patterns, and these patterns each and are independent of the overall, although only a sports shoes, but the design is fashionable taste. Let you enjoy sports brings you passion at the same time, also let you experience the fashion. Have to say, the designer carefully. The shoes have received people's favorite is also behoove.